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Sentai Retrospective: Turboranger

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What were your initial reactions to the premise of Turboranger?

I felt Turboranger had a case "All of the Same" meaning that, when it first came out, a lot of the things it did were new and fresh. But since so many of what it's done have been done to death, if you're someone watching it for the first time, it's not going to be all that interesting. But still, Fairy magic powering car theme powers, never seen that before or after.

What did you think of the suits?

I think Turboranger was really the start where Sentai suits started to get the modern look we know them to have. Design-wise, they weren't bad, but I really dislike the badge.

What did you think of the cast?

Eh, by the end of the series I found myself liking Riki and Youhei, but other than that they are my least favorite cast. I just found them really bland and they felt like they were, more or less, the same character. Yeah, Riki was the dumb jock, Daichi was his opposite, Youhei was the chick magnet, Shunsuke was the class clown, and Haruna was Little Miss Perfect, but I felt the show just didn't do a good job of showing that much. Then again, I did watch Turboranger raw, so I might has missed something.

What did you think of the weapons?

Kinda wish they got used more. I mean, how said is it the weapon to get the most use was the W Stick?

What did you think of the Bouma Tribe?

I always felt was a shame the show didn't really know what to do with its early villains. You have Masashi Ishibashi as Lehda, and Ishibashi's a biggie who kinda went to waste. In the confines of her own series, Jarmin was bad per se, but compare her some of the villainesses before like Ahames, Nefel, and Mazenda, she just doesn't cut it. Nope, not even her being a Complete Monster, sorry TVTropes. And Zimba had a pretty cool backstory, but he never was given much to do.

What do you think of the color scheme?

At this point, I was really starting to get a little annoyed at having Black on the team again for the third time in a row.

What did you think of the theme song?

Pretty high paced. Loved how energetic Kenta is while singing it.

What did you think of the Ending theme?

Like it, one of my faves.

What did you think of the Turbo Machines and Turbo Robo?

I always viewed Turboranger as the beginning where Bandai and Toei got uncreative with their vehicle mechas. When you look at Dynaman's, Flashman's or Maskman's vehicles, they were creative and imaginative. But starting with Turboranger, vehicles mechs became either Tonka-styled or looked like any ordinary vehicle. I suppose it made sine in-series since Dazi was a big car fan, but they still looked plain.

What did you think of Dr. Dazi, Seelon, and Ms. Yamaguchi?

Dazi was alright, Yamaguchi was pretty cool, but I really find it silly how people seem turned off by Seelon. Like really, people can handle giant furry animal people that go shopping, cartoony faced vehicles that have anime-ish avatars, talking lanterns, and an sentient arcade machine, but a FAIRY is too much for them to handle? Seriously?

What did you think of the Turboranger movie?

I should really watch that on DailyMotion when I have the chance.

What did you think of new villain Yamimaru?

Oh God, Turboranger was so boring at that point that even introducing a Gary Stu didn't make things interesting (Seriously, watch his debut episode, the dude played up like a Gary Stu).

What did you think of the arc where the Turborangers's lost their powers and their new weapon the V Turbo Bazooka?

It was suppose to big and important, but I just didn't care. V Turbo Bazooka was alright.

What did you think of the deaths of Zimba, Jarmin, and Lehda?

All three pretty epic. These were some good episodes.

What did you think of new villain Kirika?

I could relate to her, so I cool with her.

What did you think of the "death" of Ragorn?

Pretty finale worthy, but you could tell Soda was getting burned out by that point.

What did you think of the return of Lagorn and the Finale?

Liked the build-up to it. As for the finale, I appauld them for doing something different since they had already defeaed Lagorn before.

Final thoughts on the series? Would you recommend this season to anyone? Why or why not?

If I was someone who never seen any Sentai older than say, Go-onger, I probably would have thought Turboranger was pretty edgy and badass. But honestly, it's my second least favorite Sentai of the 80s. It was ungodly boring until the episode where Ms. Yamaguchi gets turned into a little girl. After that, it gets pretty enjoyable until the Coconut Tree Bouma, then it gets boring again until they start offing the villains. It picks up with Yamimaru and Kirika for a bit, then gets boring again until the finale arc. Overall, not a Sentai I would watch again, but there are people out there who genuinely enjoyed, so hey.

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